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IPS Updates, Splunk, Check Point and You How I Learned to Stop Hating the Term “Zero-Day” but Not Really By: Bill Mathews Zero Day attacks – you know, the ones that almost EVERY signature in your IPS claim to protect you against? Yep those guys, nasty little things. Basically, if IPS vendors are to be believed, those are the things that don’t have a patch yet and have active exploits against them. You update your IPS signatures and BOOM protection from zero day! The problem we always run into, and this is with almost every IPS vendor so I’m not just picking on Check Point here, is how do you know when an update is available? As much as most vendors would like it we are simply not logged into their console all day long so their automated “hey you have an update” thingy is not useful. This was a big problem for us because we manage a lot of firewalls so what to do, wha... (more)

Review of Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge

By Bill Mathews Recently (well, last night) I had the opportunity to take the Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge exam and just wanted to put out some of my thoughts while they were fresh in my head. I always like to take a random sampling of certifications. It’s fun to challenge myself (some are more challenging than others) and it gives me a good idea of what sorts of training and certificates I’d like my guys to have (if any). I’ve never been the biggest fan of some of the bigger ones out there, but we’ll save that for another post. The bulk of the CCSK covers the Cloud ... (more)

Beacon Podcast Episode 027

Hurricane Labs Beacon Podcast Episode Number: .026 – Con Air Edition Hosts: Matt Yonchak (@mattyonchak), Patrick Sayler (@psayler), Steve McMaster (@iamthemcmaster), Tom Kopchak Security Jargon Decoded - Common security terms explained - Goat machine? Really? Buying Facebook Likes - Purchases groups of fake profiles - The more people liking a page, the more reputable it seems Blog Why Wall Street Hates Open Source The shift to IT utility: It’s not about the cloud Beacon Chrome Surpasses IE Marketshare NY Considering Ban on Anonymous Comments Online Google Autonomous Cars Approved for Ca... (more)

Take Social Media Privacy Into Your Own Hands

By Steve McMaster - I’ve gotten in a lot of arguments lately about one of the latest “hot topics” in the end-user side of technology – privacy. With some of the biggest names in Social Media doing a really bad job of it (and I’m not even just talking about leaked passwords), it’s something that’s throwing itself in the face of many average, day-to-day computer users. Many in the security industry already know most of the things people are discovering, and have screamed warnings from the mountaintops to the folks below. Alas, this is the woe of being a security engineer. But here’... (more)

Five Truths of Information Security

Information security professionals often find themselves filling a critical but unique role within an organization. An effective security approach must balance required business operations and system availability while still ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of these same systems. Systems that are absolutely secure are not usable. Likewise, systems that are completely usable are absolutely not secure. When managing information security of any environment, bear in mind these five truths: 1. Incidents will happen An incident response plan should not be a matter of “if”, ... (more)