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Time to Put Some Big Data Misconceptions to Rest by Ryan O'Connor As a recent graduate, and now professor in the University of Connecticut's Business Analytics and Project Management masters program, I have a lot of conversations surrounding the topic of "Big Data" and questions such as, "What does that term actually mean?" Big Data is a fairly new topic and what seems to be an elusive term for many. Conversations are important to help bring clarity to Big Data, as well as generate ideas about how we can shape, not only what it is, but also the future of where it's going. Not that it's surprising, nor is it anyone's fault necessarily, but I have found quite a few misconceptions surrounding the topic. One of the biggest misconceptions I have run into, which would be scary if it were true, is that "Big Data" is easy to gather and use. This thought-process could easily ... (more)

SSL Is NOT Your Friend -- or Is It?

Folks who know me know one thing about me for certain, I am a conflicted individual. On the one hand I detest encryption as a security mechanism and on the other I LOVE encryption as a privacy mechanism. In the same day, nay, sometimes in the same hour I can argue for and against SSL and sometimes to the same person! I guess it helps to be able to have conflicting opinions on things but it gets confusing so I thought I'd do a quick post on why SSL is both good and bad. Away we go: Cons: SSL should never be used a security mechanism on its own, unfortunately the traditional uses o... (more)

When the Cloud Breaks

By Bill Mathews This is the follow up to my award-winning post “Why the Cloud Matters” (okay so it hasn’t won any awards yet but it did win some enemies). This post is dedicated to all the DMs I received via Twitter (runs on the cloud) about that article. Many folks seemed to think that I was singing the cloud’s praises and speaking nothing of its many faults. This is patently untrue. As anyone who knows me will tell you, I pretty much dislike almost everything and find fault in nearly everything – the cloud is no different. A lot of applications in the cloud have many, many is... (more)

Review of Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge

By Bill Mathews Recently (well, last night) I had the opportunity to take the Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge exam and just wanted to put out some of my thoughts while they were fresh in my head. I always like to take a random sampling of certifications. It’s fun to challenge myself (some are more challenging than others) and it gives me a good idea of what sorts of training and certificates I’d like my guys to have (if any). I’ve never been the biggest fan of some of the bigger ones out there, but we’ll save that for another post. The bulk of the CCSK covers the Cloud ... (more)

Creating a Self-Defending Network Using Open Source Software

By: Steve McMaster This past weekend, I presented the idea of a self-defending network at Ohio LinuxFest 2012. The accompanying slides are now available here. So let’s talk about network security. You’ve got a firewall and a DMZ, you’re all set, right? Not so fast slugger. We preach a theory called “defense in depth” here at Hurricane Labs. And that means you need something to defend you when your firewall admins make a mistake. And something to protect you when that layer fails. And so on. So what are these other layers? Well one of them is having a good IDS/IPS system. An IDS/... (more)