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Basically the Target attack, as I understand it anyway, was to get malware on point-of-sale systems – exfiltrate data. Does that sound familiar? It should, it’s basically how every breach has ever occurred. Sure you can replace malware with SQL injection or replace data with jewelry, this is how ALL theft happens. Nothing magical here folks; see a shiny thing, find a weakness in the thing protecting the shiny thing, exploit weakness, get shiny thing. This shiny thing just happened to be millions of credit card numbers but it could easily have been something else. Like clockwork I expect there will be calls for “new controls” and “better detection methods”. You probably predicted this, but I say that’s all nonsense. We should actually use the methods we currently have. Go on, give them a chance, you know you want to. “But AV failed to detect the malware” you say and... (more)

Beware The Expert IT Security Culture

I have been in IT a really long time with an interest in technology that far predates my career, think Commodore and Atari, and every expert I’ve ever met had exactly one thing in common. They are all narrow minded. Sure most of them are nice enough, some of them are even engaging and charming, but their most fatal flaw is they assume they’ve mastered everything in their field and have simply stopped learning. This is where it gets dangerous because that sounds horrible and no self-respecting expert would ever admit to such a thing but you can recognize them by their tone. “That ... (more)

CodeMash 2010: Show Report

I've had the pleasure of spending yesterday and today (and I'll be here tomorrow too) at the 2010 CodeMash conference in Sandusky, at the spectacular Kalahari resort (if you've never been here, its way worth it). We attended the "precompiler" presentations yesterday, and have been to 3 presentations so far today. While the conference seems very heavy on the Microsoft and Ruby fronts (almost every presentation has had C# or Ruby code, some of them have had both), there's a lot of good stuff to come away with anyways. For example, the two presentations we attended yesterday discussed... (more)

Build Your Own Hack Lab

No matter what facet of information security you're in, from being the CISO down to just installing security patches and keeping up to date, there will probably be a point where you need to see the details of a hack. Maybe it's because you need to fingerprint what it does or how it acts on your network. Maybe it's because you need to be able to reproduce it in a penetration test. Either way you look at it, sometimes you just need to test something out. Obviously, this could go one of a few ways. You could execute these hacks on your network. This could lead to potentially bad out... (more)

Review of Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge

By Bill Mathews Recently (well, last night) I had the opportunity to take the Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge exam and just wanted to put out some of my thoughts while they were fresh in my head. I always like to take a random sampling of certifications. It’s fun to challenge myself (some are more challenging than others) and it gives me a good idea of what sorts of training and certificates I’d like my guys to have (if any). I’ve never been the biggest fan of some of the bigger ones out there, but we’ll save that for another post. The bulk of the CCSK covers the Cloud ... (more)