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By Steve McMaster - I’ve gotten in a lot of arguments lately about one of the latest “hot topics” in the end-user side of technology – privacy. With some of the biggest names in Social Media doing a really bad job of it (and I’m not even just talking about leaked passwords), it’s something that’s throwing itself in the face of many average, day-to-day computer users. Many in the security industry already know most of the things people are discovering, and have screamed warnings from the mountaintops to the folks below. Alas, this is the woe of being a security engineer. But here’s my gripe for you. Facebook has, as of April 2012, 901 million active members (according to Wikipedia). If Facebook were a country, it would be ranked 3rd in the world by population. And it seems every week, they’re in the news again, someone ranting about their privacy on Facebook. My fav... (more)

Internal Searching with Open Source Software

Written by Bill Mathews The challenge was to find an Open Source Search engine to use internally that was comparable to Google’s Search Appliance. This sounded easy enough but wow was I wrong. There seems to be a few projects that focus on giving you the tools to build your own search engine but very few completed search engines. I wasn’t terribly interested in building my own so using Lucene was kind of out of the question (until I got desperate). My ticket sat in my queue for quite some time while I worked on other things Nagzilla and IPIntel to name a couple. Instead of followin... (more)

Beacon Podcast Episode 025

Hurricane Labs Beacon Podcast Episode Number: .025 – New Studio Edition Hosts: Matt Yonchak (@mattyonchak), Patrick Sayler (@psayler), Ian Gillespie, Tom Kopchak Amazon Studios - Create a television series - Amazon will fund and produce IT Security Basics - Matt isn’t buying it - People have been saying this for years - Matt and Tom debate Apple Legacy FileVault Hole - OSX 10.7.3 shipped with a debug flag - Passwords stored in plaintext in secure.log - Fixed in 10.7.4 Google vs Oracle - Google made their own Java clone for Android - Jury ruled Google infringed on copyrights - Google cal... (more)

Ten Things I’ve Learned About Cloud Security

By Bill Mathews This is not a Top 10 list – it is a list of 10 things I’ve learned along the way. Top 10 lists imply some sort of universal knowledge of the “top” things possible in a given field. Top 10 attractive women, top 10 guitar players, top 10 whatever, they all have one thing in common: They are all ten things the author thinks are the best. I don’t really like to think I know everything so this list is in no particular order. This particular list is on cloud security and, well, it is a big topic that interests me greatly and there is no way I can cover it all in a blog... (more)

Training Center – Grand Opening Open House

Hurricane Labs and Information Security Summit are pleased to announce the Grand Opening of their new Corporate Training Center located at 4401 Rockside Road in Independence, Ohio. Featuring state of the art classroom technology, a large classroom for up to 30 students, 2 breakout rooms and a recording studio ideal for podcasting, the training center will be used by several hundred professionals from around the country. We offer a diverse array of training programs for Chief Security Officers, Security Managers, Network and Security Architects and Engineers, and other IT Profess... (more)